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Macabi Cigar Bar

Las Olas has a relaxed, Bohemian sort of charm, and no place typifies that spirit like Macabi’s. The most colorful things about this already colorful spot is the outspoken proprietor Pat Patel, who has no problem telling customers or anyone else exactly what’s on his mind. Enter this cozy bar and you’ll find a cloud of cigar smoke, dim lighting, a comfy couch and Ashokkumar Motibhai “Pat” Patel and his wife, Kit Kirti, who are very happy to tell you about growing up in Uganda, among many other things, while making sure your drink always gets refreshed. The tiny bar has only 11 seats, but they’re worth fighting over when you can enjoy 15 types of clove cigarettes, Silver Oaks cabernet ($225 a bottle), Pirates Brew and Spaten on tap, and more than 600 kinds of cigars priced $5 to $50. Just don’t get on Pat’s bad side.