Macabi Havana Lounge

“Smoking cigars is like falling in love. First, you are attracted by its shape; you stay for its flavor, and you must always remember never, never to let the flame go out!" —Winston Churchill Macabi Havana Lounge is the oldest cigar bar in Fort Lauderdale, established in 1992. We are purveyors of the finest spirits and cigars from across the globe. This location has been a community gathering waterhole for decades and we continue to have open arms for everyone that wish to join us in a fine drink and smoke. The name Macabi is reminiscent of the name derived from a town in Cuba that was in the tobacco grow district. The town of Macabi is located in the province of Holguin, Cuba where Christopher Columbus landed in what is believed to have been today's Holguín province in 1492. He claimed that it was "the most beautiful country human eyes had ever seen". The name Macabi captures the rich history of the indigenous people in that area and allows the legacy of the cigar to persist into modern times. In the 1990’s, there were stringent anti-smoking regulations throughout the United States. Cigar lovers were confined to their homes or relegated to a separate space to enjoy their cigars. A cigar lounge was the response to the crackdown, a 20th century speakeasy, albeit completely legal. In South Florida, emerged a cigar culture which included mixing cigars and spirits which Macabi used enhance the cigar smoking experience. Cigar lounges allow individuals to slow down and live their life with purpose; taking in every moment with each pull from their handcrafted cigar. As the cigar industry grows so do the methods for growing, harvesting, currying and manufacturing. Despite its many transformations, one key element always rang true. The connection that sharing a cigar kindled. A cigar transformed into the vessel for socializing, the conduit for making memories, celebrating wins, and a hobby for many connoisseurs. The ability to slow down and savor the moment is what life is all about. The strong relationships a smoke creates between strangers is a powerful testament to the history and culture of cigars. Tradition, celebration, sophistication, all rolled into one. Smoking a cigar is a social exercise. Oldest Cigar bar - Las Olas Liquor Store The best thing about Macabi Havanna Lounge is the diverse group of people that come through our authenticate cherry wood doors and the great relationships that are made with in this establishment "The best thing about Macabis are the people that walk through the door and have been able to meet" -- Jim and Mike - Owners of Macabi Havana Lounge Come by and enjoy a full liquor bar of premium spirits, pair it with one of our 100+ cigar types and lounge in our traditional cigar bar atmosphere. Shop premium cigars and spirits and take home the experience. Must be 21 and over to purchase.